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Management philosophy


─ Brand ─

株式会社ロムラボは、「Lohas office Medical Laboratory」の略称で健康・持続の可能性・医療・研究、ここに「Prevention」予防を加えた 5 つをテーマとしています。

LOMLAB Inc. is an abbreviation of “Lohas office Medical Laboratory” and has 5 themes including health, sustainability, medical care, research, and “Prevention” prevention here.

─ Management philosophy ─

「Life of Health and Sustainability」


The power to keep it healthy and mentally and physically is to lead to further development of the company as well as individual individual, and to contribute to the happiness of society and our future.


「Life of Health and Sustainability + Medical Laboratory」


LOMLAB Inc. aims to be a erowing company. We will research, propose and realize a new business model that was in the era, based on domestic and international industrial hygiene activities.




We will make various proposals We will make the proposals the problem that the company is holding it from the standpoint of the enterprise quickly and support to reform and solve with the enterprise in an optimal way. with opinions of various fields.


働き方改革に伴い、20 年前とは職場の環境が全く変わったと感じてます。業種に限らずより良い環境での質の良い労働が求められていますが、現実問題として超過勤務などの問題をすぐに解決するには雇用の問題もあり困難な状況もあります。またその一方で、労働環境改善行ったことで従業員の定着率などが上がり結果的に企業にとってプラスになった例もあります。



代表取締役 岡本道子/代表取締役 立花利之

Along with working way reform, I feel that the environment of the workplace has changed completely from 20 years ago. Quality labor is required in a better environment, not limited to industries, but there are also difficult situations due to employment problems in order to quickly solve problems such as overtime as a real problem. Meanwhile, there are cases where employee retention rates, etc., improved as a result of working environment improvements, resulting in positive for companies.

In occupational health activities, the most important role is risk management. For safety measures at the workplace, we aim to prevent workers’ injuries and improve and maintain the workplace environment, strive to improve the productivity of each employee, from stress check, health check results etc. from the viewpoint of lack of personnel We believe that it will become an issue to put emphasis on the prevention of diseases.

LOMLAB Inc. we would like to arrange a high-quality industrial physician, which is most suitable for the type of business of the company and the current situation, and strive to maintain and improve the working environment with our staff.

Representative Director Michiko Okamoto
Representative Director Toshiyuki Tachibana